Pro-Abortion Cult Indoctrinates Their Next Generation

I could do nothing to fight the rage that overcame me when I saw a picture of a little boy holding a sign reading: “Stay out of my mommy’s vagina.” How could any mother or father use their first or second grader to advocate blindly for the killing of unborn children? This is just one startling reality captured by photographers during protests held in Austin, Texas earlier this week. Another photograph showed a little girl—of similar age—straining to hold up another obscene abortion rights Read more […]

We tolerated Liberals and now we have a Radical

Early voting will begin soon and the Obama/Biden campaign continues its assault on American race relations and our national culture. Specializing in “packaging black candidates for white voters” Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod is once again conning Americans to vote for the black guy by blaming white men. Our President’s campaign has chosen an incendiary and divisive political strategy designed to vilify criticism of our first Black President’s radical ideology and his Read more […]