Stanford Law Professor: The 2nd Amendment Is All About Restrictions On Citizens

The 2nd Amendment is arguably the most restricted, regulated and misinterpreted amendment of the Constitution. Liberals argue for abortion “rights” because of some court opinion decades ago that supposedly settled the issue. The passage of time officially codified abortion as a woman’s “right.” But something like the Bill of Rights, which was “settled” centuries ago doesn’t apply anymore. It’s subject to restrictions, regulations, government monitoring and tracking, licenses, Read more […]

Barack Obama’s Radical Gun Agenda

There’s a poem by an anonymous author, and it goes like this: “A man with no name, and no reputation swept into a town, with just one intention. He wanted the feeling that came with power, and without any effort, he came at the hour. He dazzled the people with millions of lights, thousands of things, hundreds of sights. This no name man became the peoples’ King, and in such short time, they began to cling. They clung to his robe; his legs; his hands, until all were one; one unified band. In Read more […]