Are Leftists Actually Pro-Choice?

Are leftists really pro-choice? They certainly tell us so often enough. (Methinks the lady doth protest too much…) But as soon as anybody else tries to make a choice they don’t like … Well, they immediately start laying down unilateral standards of conformity. A case in point. The state of Indiana now has a state-wide voucher program in place. Legal challenges to the program have been shot down by the Indiana Supreme Court. So, for the time being, the Indiana voucher program is here to stay. Read more […]

Pro-Abortion Cult Indoctrinates Their Next Generation

I could do nothing to fight the rage that overcame me when I saw a picture of a little boy holding a sign reading: “Stay out of my mommy’s vagina.” How could any mother or father use their first or second grader to advocate blindly for the killing of unborn children? This is just one startling reality captured by photographers during protests held in Austin, Texas earlier this week. Another photograph showed a little girl—of similar age—straining to hold up another obscene abortion rights Read more […]

The Moral & Logical Argument Against Abortion: A Step By Step Guide

Emmanuel Teney said: “Murder is not the crime of criminals; but that of law-abiding citizens.” Murder is defined as: “The killing of one human being by another…to kill or slaughter inhumanly or barbarously.” If we take that definition—the standard definition—of murder, and break it down, what do we get? We get questions. What defines “killing,” and what defines “life?” There are many kinds of killing, but murder is the willful and active execution of a human being by another Read more […]

Poll Shows Hispanics Agree With GOP, But Vote Democratic

One of the major demographic groups that overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama were the Hispanics.  Yet in a recent poll taken among Hispanics, it seems they side more with Republicans on many major issues. Mike McKeon in President of McKeon and Associates.  According to their website: “McKeon & Associates, formed in 1973, is a global public opinion research and strategic marketing firm.” “Michael McKeon, president of McKeon & Associates, has distinguished himself by accurately Read more […]

Democrats Are Just Clueless Because They Don’t Listen To Anything

Barack Obama is Mormon, pro-life and got most of the jobs he said he would.  Obama’s Vice Presidential running mate is Paul Ryan who happens to be black.  McCain may take 40% of the vote, perhaps more if he drops Sarah Palin.  Romney is black, a Muslim, supportive of gay-marriage and believes in pro-choice.  Everyone is hoping that Obama finally catches Osama bin Laden and either kills him or puts him in jail indefinitely.  One voter plans to vote for Romney, McCain and Obama. Howard Stern Read more […]