City Fines Man for Parking his Cessna in his Driveway

Due to his physical health, this 69-year-old New York man’s doctor advised him to take a break from flying his Cessna, which he previously paid $150 a month to have parked at a local airport. He’s in the middle of a divorce and doesn’t have the money to pay for his parking space, especially since he’s not supposed to be flying it right now. At that point, his only options were to get rid of it, or find somewhere else to park it for free. That’s when he decided to park it in his own driveway. Read more […]

EPA Fines Man $75,000 a Day for Building Pond on His Own Property

These types of stories always remind me that the idea of private property nowadays is a complete myth. The government taxes “our” property and seeks to control everything we do on it. Andrew Johnson lives in Wyoming on an 8-acre farm and built a stock pond on his property. It’s a free country, so he should be able to do as he pleases on his own property, right? He even went through the trouble of getting his project approved and permitted by the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office. But Read more […]

Louisiana Milk Consumer Learns About American Price Commissars (Corrected)

There are people in this country who still think that we live in a nation that recognizes the right of consenting adults to buy and trade freely in legal products. (We all know there are illegal products that are prohibited, and call down SWAT teams on people—like raw milk and other dangerous substances—but I’m only talking about legal products). Kenneth Daigle was one of those people. He thought that, if a grocery store wanted to get milk off their shelves, and he was trying to save money, Read more […]