Robbers Brought a Pellet Gun to a Real Gunfight

A couple guys forced themselves in to a couple’s off-campus apartment and held the boyfriend at gunpoint on the floor. The girl ran off to their bedroom and locked the door. She grabbed her gun that her dad had gotten for her just in case something like this happened. One of the guys broke in the room, but when he saw that she had a real gun pointed at him, the two guys both took off running. Unfortunately, they’re still on the loose. The Daily Caller reported: One of the men pointed a gun at Read more […]

Concealed Carrier Saves Older Man from Knife Attack

The 64-year-old man named Donald Sacco was on his way to the senior center to play some bingo. Both he and the attacker had just gotten off the bus during morning rush hour traffic in southern Orange County, Florida. Fifty-year-old Thomas Thorpe tried to steal the man’s bag and actually stabbed him about four times in the abdomen. During the stabbing, a driver in traffic witnessed what was happening. He said it looked like the attacker was punching the older guy, who was trying to fend off Thorpe Read more […]