Feds Want Access to Everyone’s Medical Records for Security Purposes

How many times have you had to sign a HIPAA privacy form when seeing your doctor, dentist, chiropractor or any other medical professional? When you sign the form, are you aware of what it means and who, if anyone will have access to your medical records? Do you even know what the HIPAA Privacy Rule is? According to the US. Department of Health and Human Services website: “Understanding Health Information Privacy” “The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for individually identifiable Read more […]

Media Conglomerate Building Nationwide Database Of Gun-Owners

Remember that controversy not long ago involving the Journal News, the New York newspaper that published an interactive “gun map,” showing all the licensed firearm owners in the state? Well, there’s another media group that will attempt to put the Journal News to shame. They’re wanting to build a nationwide database of gun-owners using public records requests. This news was brought to light by a confidential informant inside the media conglomerate Civitas Media, which owns 88 different Read more […]

Man Arrested, Charged with Felony for Having Secret Compartment in His Truck

The government is trying to eliminate all means of privacy in its citizens. They want surveillance cameras on us at all times. They want to be able to track our locations. They want to monitor our internet usage, read our e-mails, and listen in on our phone conversations. They want to be able to give us full body cavity searches for the most minor traffic code violations. Any excuse they can think of to violate our privacy. No secrets allowed. Unless you work for the government, in which case Read more […]

Obamacare “Not Ready” On Schedule

The spin of this story is that “privacy concerns” are “delaying” Obamacare and threatening the October 1 deadline. The grammar is misleading. It tries to lead the reader to think that the Obamacare countdown was going along just fine and then something unforeseeable and alien to it has obstructed its progress. That is not what is happening. Simply put: The October 1 rollout date is probably going to be missed because the government cannot possibly get the job completed on time. The Read more […]

What If The XKeyscore Had Been Revealed Before The Vote On The Amash Amendment?

Justin Amash led a near-revolution on the floor of the House last week by bringing up an amendment to vote on defunding one of NSA’s programs to spy on the American people. It would have passed if only seven more Representatives had voted in favor of it. Boehner, who always tries to abstain from votes as Speaker of the House, actually voted against the amendment. That tells us how close the House was to joining Amash’s rebellion—Boehner wasn’t sure that he had secured enough votes to kill Read more […]

Computer And Defense Industries Bribe Government To Eliminate Our Privacy Protections

The governments financial payoffs afforded to, and the campaign finance contributions offered by private companies like, Google, Verizon, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and, Apple aiding FISA court authorized surveillance can no longer be easily brushed off. Moreover, the bribing and endemic influencing peddling our elected officials encourage while they bend, twist and urinate on the US Constitution proves we have lost control of our “by the people, for the people” Republic. Americans naively Read more […]

“I Have Nothing To Hide”: Misses The Point Of Big Brother

So I’m hearing and reading people who think that it is just fine for the government to “keep us safe” ™ by spying on the general public, culling data without a warrant as the Fourth Amendment dictates. “I’m not doing anything wrong,” we are told. That doesn’t matter. The conservative groups who applied to the IRS for 501©3 status were not doing anything wrong either. But they were nevertheless singled out for harassment. The conservative groups who were trying to get documents Read more […]

Obama using NSA and FBI to Spy on You

Senator Obama was once appalled at what he thought was the outrageous overreach of the Bush administration on the individual liberties of the American people. Today, as President, he has embraced those same policies as his own – and is using his power to spy on you. These policies may have a greater impact than you could have ever conceived. The government knows every single phone call you’ve made since 2006. Wait, there’s more. The government has access to all of your online activity too! Read more […]

Judge Orders Google To Be Evil

A Federal Judge has ordered Google to hand over user information to the FBI in response to the FBI’s warrantless “National Security Letter requests that often also demand the users never be informed that their private information has been given to the Feds. “CNET has learned that U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in San Francisco rejected Google’s request to modify or throw out 19 so-called National Security Letters, a warrantless electronic data-gathering technique used by the FBI that does Read more […]

Newspaper Publishes Gun-Owners’ Names & Addresses

The free and independent press has been operating tirelessly to ensure that citizens everywhere are treated equally and everyone gets a fair shot. Print journalists work hard to cover every possible angle; making sure to be fair and balanced in ever–ok, I can’t keep typing with a straight face. We all know that aside from a few select publications, legitimate journalism in the United States is long dead. The liberal bias in the media is unparalleled, and this new story just takes the cake. A Read more […]

On Conservatives’ Wish List and Liberals’ Kill List: Privacy

Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat of Georgia, came out the other day in support of a constitutional amendment to prevent corporations from donating to political campaigns. Of course, inasmuch as corporations are not sentient entities and therefore can neither donate money nor even think about doing so, corporations do not donate to political campaigns. The people who work for the corporations do, however, and in reality it is the rights of these people that Johnson wants to limit: “[Y]ou are being Read more […]

Should C.I.A. Directors have Privacy Rights?

The recent and ongoing intelligence community scandal involving former C.I.A Director David Petraeus and other high ranking military leaders is somehow morphing into a civil liberties battle for internet privacy rights; well at least as far as the A.C.L.U and the New York Times are concerned it is. According to liberals, investigating potentially compromising personal behavior of Central Intelligence Agency executives through cyber reconnaissance is now a dangerous violation of privacy rights. In Read more […]