Prisoners In Cali Go On Hunger Strike: Who Cares?

“Going on a hunger strike to hurt someone else is like lighting yourself on fire and expecting your enemy to burn. It is useless in the most idiotic way.” I wrote an article a while back concerning the Gitmo hunger strike. My main point was: who cares? Well, now prisoners in a California penitentiary are on a hunger strike to protest the conditions of solitary confinement. A hunger strike is defined as missing more than nine meals in a row. The strike began with over twelve thousand participants, Read more […]

Islam loves American Prisons

When it comes to spreading the message of Islam, America’s imprisoned are proving to be Jihad’s most fertile ground. For decades Muslim outreach has gained a firm grip on the most disenfranchised of our Nation. Islamic practitioners are selling redemption through conversion to desperate and impressionable Black, Hispanic and women inmates in American prisons at alarming rates. U.S prison populations present an easy target of opportunity for Islamic radicalization of America. Prison life is Read more […]