Supreme Court Rules Against Giving Murderer Sex Change Operation

The Supreme Court threw out an appeal by a convicted murderer in prison who wanted to sex change surgery at taxpayer expense to become a woman. Robert Kosilek killed his wife Cheryl McCaul about 25 years ago and was convicted of murder. The Boston Globe reported: “McCaul’s body was found in their Mansfield home in 1990. She had been strangled with a wire, nearly decapitating her, records show.” Since then, while serving a life sentence in a Massachusetts prison, he’s been living as Read more […]

Judge Orders Taxpayers to Pay for Murderer’s Sex Change Operation

A California judge has ordered that the state cover the expenses for a sex change operation for a current inmate who’s in jail for 2nd degree murder. Where will the state of California get the estimated $100,000 to cover this one person’s sex change operation? From the taxpayers, of course. Who else? The state doesn’t really produce a whole lot on its own to make its own money. Most of the money they have they took from taxpayers, or the Feds, who take much of their money from taxpayers around Read more […]

Will Connecticut Jail 350,000 Once Lawful Gun Owners?

This past year, Connecticut passed sweeping gun laws that required the registration of all guns that the state defines as being an assault weapon.  This includes all semi-automatic rifles, many of which are used for hunting, as well as all high capacity magazines.  The deadline for registration was December 31, 2013. When I sold guns, one of the most popular hunting rifles was a Remington Model 750 semi-automatic 30.06.  It was used for hunting deer, elk, bear, javelina, moose, antelope, Read more […]

Man Tricks Girlfriend Into Getting Abortion; Faced Life Sentence for Murder

Liberals say that an unborn baby is not actually a person. That’s why we can end an unborn baby’s life “legally.” It’s not murder, because murder is illegal. Abortion is legal; therefore, it must not be murder. Q.E.D. If it’s not a person, then why is it that if a pregnant woman is murdered, and her unborn child also dies, the murderer is charged with a double homicide? I thought it wasn’t a person. Didn’t the Supreme Court “settle” that issue over 40 years ago? There’s Read more […]

Army Officer Sentenced To 20 Years For Doing His Duty In Afghanistan

I remember Vietnam and what happened to some of our military personnel that served over there.  A kid I grew up with was drafted and sent to Vietnam at age 19.  Four months later he found himself in the jungle peering down at small village that had been taken over by the Viet Cong.  Their orders were not to shoot until the enemy fired first.  Bob told me that he had a Viet Cong soldier in his rifle sights and had to watch as the enemy loaded and fired a mortar shell in his direction.  As soon Read more […]

Unionized Prison Guards As Thug Harem Servants

This story from FoxNews is a window into reality, not some anomaly in our society. “A federal investigation into an alleged sex-fueled smuggling scheme between female guards and inmate gang members at the Baltimore City Detention Center has drawn scrutiny to a union-backed “bill of rights” for prison guards that may have contributed to the culture of corruption. One FBI agent is now claiming the “rights” helped shield bad apples from discipline. According to the 44-page indictment, members of Read more […]

Obama’s Buddies Sentence Family to Prison for Converting to Christianity

President Barack Obama has faithfully defended and assisted his Muslim Brotherhood buddies from the moment they began to overthrow former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to the present.  When the Muslim Brotherhood, once outlawed by Mubarak, began to claim political power in the new Egypt, Obama was right there to support them.  When the Muslim Brotherhood actually assumed control of Egypt, Obama was right there to support them.  When Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi vowed Read more […]

Obamacare Adds 80 Million Hours of Labor For Tax Compliance

The Congressional Committee on Ways and Means released a report recently that showed that Obamacare will require nearly 80 million hours per year in labor time in order to comply with its tax regulations. Half of those hours will fall on small businesses. No wonder a recent survey confirmed that over 70% of small business owners cite Obamacare as the number one obstacle standing in their way to success as job creators. On its website, the congressional committee makes these observations: So, Read more […]