George W. Bush Wins Father of the Year, Following in Ronald Reagan’s Footsteps

This past week a special celebration took place in New York City. The award for “Father of the Year” was given to a very famous ex-President. Former President George W. Bush was named the Father of the Year on June 18th and his daughter Barbara was on hand to present him with the award. During the ceremony he let the crowd have a inside glimpse at his life, reading from a book that he wrote about his father, George H.W. Bush, he said;   “I also learned of unconditional love. It’s one Read more […]

Conservatives Rising Up Against the Common Core

A recent push by Oklahoma conservatives to possibly replace the newly-revised AP United States History (APUSH) exam has produced a great deal of backlash, far greater than one would normally expect in the often-dry debate over how to formulate American education standards. Salon blasted Oklahoma’s legislators as “demented” for opposing the narrative of the College Board. NPR describes them as upset over the fact that slavery, the suffering of American Indians, and the internment of Read more […]

Conservative says Obama the ‘Greatest Builder of the Republican Party’ Since Reagan

The venerable conservative journalist George Will was on Fox News Wednesday night when he said what may be the best line we’ve heard in a long while… The Fox News panel was talking about where Democrats go from here (after their midterm failures) and he mentioned that Obama had always wanted to be as influential as President Ronald Reagan and in one (sick) sense he is because… “he is the greatest builder of the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan.” Ouch.     Read more […]

ABC News Pundit Implies Eric Holder Better than Reagan’s Attorney General

Liberal ABC News pundit Matthew Dowd had the temerity to imply that Attorney General Eric Holder was less bad than former Reagan AG Edwin Meese. His proof? Meese was forced to resign due to scandal. The problem with this evidence is that it actually proves something totally different. What it proves is that AG Meese had a sense of shame and propriety – he resigned because of one scandal… AG Holder on the other hand has NO SHAME and has not resigned even though he has been inundated with scandal Read more […]

Gun Control Advocate James Brady, Dead at 73

James Brady, the Reagan staff member who was paralyzed in an assassination attempt on President Reagan’s life, has passed away at age 73. He is most famous for revolutionizing the gun control debate and leading the charge on almost two decades of gun control measures. Sure, the efforts he championed have shown no real benefit to our nation or the conversation on gun freedom but the media and the liberals loved to see a conservative fight against conservative values. Here are just a few of the Read more […]

Compare and Contrast Reagan and Obama

Comparing and Contrasting two Presidents… First, President Obama’s press conference about the Malaysia Airlines attack.   Now, President Reagan’s speech on the USSR’s downing of the Korea Air flight.   Which President did it better? I don’t think it’s too tough of a call… President Reagan is brilliant and President Obama is kind of flat. Just another example of conservative awesomeness? I think so. Read more […]