Obama Does 2 Step Avoidance during Online Chat

President Obama thought he was scoring points by speaking to Americans on an online chat organized by the White House with the help of Google Plus.  His goal was to make himself look like he really cares about the American people, but we already know that isn’t the case as Obama only loves Obama and what he can get from the American people. On Friday Obama ran into a couple of Americans that took him to task and I doubt seriously if he liked what happened. One of the people that the President Read more […]

What We’re Reading June 28, 2013

The Internet can quite often become a rabbit hole of information consuming us the users just like Alice descending into Wonderland. Here at Eagle Rising we’d like to offer you a map to the wild world of daily news gathering – here’s what we’re reading on this Friday, June 28, 2013. When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, Justice Kennedy’s opinion was written more as an assault on traditional marriage believers than as an explanation of their opinion. President Read more […]

What We’re Reading June 27, 2013

The internet is a deep pool of seemingly never-ending news, politics, current events, and human interest stories. Who has the time to wade through all of that information and find anything useful? Well, besides us…? Instead of you doing all that work – here are links to what we’re reading today June 27, 2013.   He conquered the wrestling world, and now it’s time to conquer the out of control leviathan that is government.   South African icon Nelson Mandela is on life Read more […]

Obama Trying to “Rein In” Kerry

Since becoming Secretary of State, John Kerry has thrown himself into his work. He has spent most of his time as Secretary on the road acting as America’s ambassador to the world. He has also been making a lot of promises – promises the Obama administration isn’t so sure it can keep. Kerry’s globe trotting and speech giving has some in the administration worried that Kerry will end  up biting off more than the administration can chew, and they are looking to rein the Secretary of State in. The Read more […]

Clinton Family Loves Planned Parenthood

Recently Chelsea Clinton had the opportunity to give a speech at an important worldwide women’s conference called Women Deliver. During her speech she told the story of her maternal great grandparents and how they became pregnant with her maternal grandmother out of wedlock, at which point she delivered this beauty of a line lamenting the fact that her great grandparents “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.” The first time I read the Read more […]

What We’re Reading at the Last Resistance!

A bunch of great articles have caught our attention at Last Resistance today – and we wanted to share what we’re reading with you!   The Supreme Court continues to use this session of judgments to weaken our Constitutional rights.   The President wants to eliminate all education that is not controlled by the government.   MSNBC has left behind any pretense that it is a “news” network or that it is remotely unbiased, hey have come out of the proverbial closet Read more […]