Background Checks for Guns and Apartments, Why Not for Presidency!

One of the key features in all of the gun control talks is the requirement for everyone purchasing a gun to have a full background check done of them.  California wants to go a step further and require a background check to purchase ammunition. If you have ever tried to rent an apartment these days, you will find that most apartment managers run a background and credit check on you before they will agree to rent to you.  I’ve known people who had difficulty finding a decent apartment because Read more […]

Age Only Counts Against GOP, Not Biden

The hypocrisy of and double standards applied by liberals is really something to behold. There is never a pause in it, for some double standards are a constant, such as affirmative-action laws. A new standard emerged a few months ago, during the heat of Obama’s re-election campaign, and has recently started to pick up surprising steam. Back in October, Vice President Joe “Literally” Biden joked—joked?—that he would be running for office in 2016 to take his boss’s place as President. Speaking Read more […]

A Third Term For Barack Obama?

Most of the time, amendments to the Constitution have a striking purpose. They are put into place with only massive support, because they fulfill a need for an important, course-altering change. And though I’m not the biggest fan of the 26th amendment–changing the voting age from 21 to 18–I understand that it has wide support and a purpose. That being said, there are always those who would like to repeal amendments. They have their reasons, most of them being peculiar, and sometimes dangerous. Read more […]