Liberal Judge Protects Planned Parenthood From Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood in the state of Washington is so big and powerful that it seems attorneys are afraid to take them on and judges protect them when they are wrong. A year ago, a woman identified only as SJ filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Tacoma.  The woman went to Planned Parenthood in June 2011 to receive an injection of the birth control known as Depo Provera.  Before administering the shot, which is administered every three months, one must be given a pregnancy Read more […]

United Nations: “Right to Life” Laws Are Equivalent To Torturing Women

Feminists are now framing carrying a pregnancy to term, without benefit of the abortion option as a form of torture. At least, that is the new claim being made by the journalist’s from the far left wing publication “The Nation” and the United Nations nut balls covering recent pro-life legislation passed in Arkansas and North Dakota banning second trimester abortions. Recent articles entitled: “There are now states where it’s not safe to be a woman” by Katrina Vanden Heuval and “Why Read more […]

Special Interest Group Starts Creepy Campaign Against “Coercive Sex”

When I first saw the news release, I was aghast. It looked to me like ob/gyns were being told to overlook rape and just make sure the woman did not get pregnant. In “Ob-Gyns Urged to Offer Counsel to Victims of Sexual Coercion,” we read: “Obstetrician-gynecologists can improve the health of women and adolescent girls experiencing reproductive and sexual coercion by providing interventions ranging from patient education to discreet contraception, according to a Committee Opinion published in Read more […]

Hey Texas, It’s Not the Drugs; It’s the Pregnancies

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has announced that the next State of Texas legislative session will attempt to make drug screening of welfare recipients mandatory in Texas. There is no doubt that drug use can lead to welfare dependency, however I would argue that increasing tax payer financial obligations by mandating drug screening for welfare recipients will have a minimal effect on reducing welfare rolls. Among the many drug screening methodologies (hair, saliva, blood and optical scanning) available Read more […]

NYC Bypasses Parents to Provide Plan B Morning After Pills to High Schoolers

If you’re the parent of a teenage daughter attending high school in New York City, be warned that the New York City Department of Education has just usurped your parental authority and rights. Thirteen high schools within the NYC school district will be providing Plan B morning after pills to girls as young as 14 without any parental permission or knowledge.  Supposedly, parents can opt their daughters out of the program, but nothing says the girls still won’t have access when they are at Read more […]