Obama: Too Many Politicians Will do Anything to “Hang on to Their Power”

He’s right, of course, that too many politicians will do anything to hang on to their power, but he’s not including himself in that assessment. Apparently, he doesn’t view himself as that type of politician. He’s one with “principles.” In the same speech before the State Department’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative, he said that one of his “core principles” was to never use politics to divide people. He said, in part: “I know one of my core principles has always been Read more […]

Newly Elected Republican Mayor of Annapolis May Be Stripped of Power By Democrats

What do Democrats do when they don’t get their way?  They pout, sulk and then decide to change the rules so that they win even when they lose. Such is the case in Annapolis, Maryland, where Democrats have held the mayor’s office since 1997.  In the recent election, Democratic incumbent Mayor Josh Cohen ran for re-election.  He was challenged by Republican Mike Pantelides, who when the votes had been counted, found himself to be the newly elected mayor of Annapolis. The defeat has not Read more […]