Post-Election Figures Show Real Condition of America’s People

In the short span of time since the election earlier this month new figures have been released on the condition of America’s people that paint a darker and bleaker picture than what we already knew to be real. It’s no surprise that the real figures were hidden and delayed from the general public until after the election in an obvious attempt to protect Barack Obama. One report that was delayed until after the election was recently issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the amount of people Read more […]

Democratic Leadership Responsible for Poorest Cities in U.S.

I’ve found numerous sites that have different lists of the poorest cities in the U.S.  Some use median income as their standard and others use unemployment rate.  However, there was one list that I found on a couple different websites that listed the top 10 poorest big cities in America based on the percentage of people living below the poverty level.  Here is the list they gave: Detroit, MI – 32.5% Buffalo, NY – 29.9% Cincinnati, OH – 27.8% Cleveland, OH – 27% Miami, FL Read more […]