Why I’m Now against Drug Legalization

I went through a brief libertarian phase on the matter of drug legalization, but now I’ve come back around against it, albeit for different reasons than I was against it before. It could be seen as a logical inconsistency that conservatives would want to keep drugs illegal on the basis that people shouldn’t have them. Is that not the argument liberals use regarding guns? But when a liberal says this, the conservative comes back with, “Outlawing guns isn’t going to stop bad guys from getting them.” Read more […]

New Marijuana Laws Are Racist Or Something

The legalization of marijuana has become a retardedly major issue in this country of degenerates, with even our former-pothead current President recently saying in an interview, “Meh, weed ain’t a big deal; choom it up, gang!” Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational pot use (which is the same as medicinal pot use, but without the bogus excuses), and other states are now talking about doing the same. Opponents of legalization worry about the overall effect it will have on society—will Read more […]