Bill to Ban Federal Employees from Watching Porn while Working Moves Forward

Really? Does this even need to be a thing? Seriously? A bill banning federal employees from consuming pornography while they are supposed to be working continues to move forward in Congress. But how sad of a commentary on our nation is it that we even need something like this to become a law? Most employers across the country would already consider this the kind of offense that gets an employee fired. Any employee wasting the time and money of an employer in such a disgusting fashion would be Read more […]

Man Uses First Amendment against Local Porn Shops

A 73-year-old Wisconsin man was tired of seeing billboards outside his bedroom window advertising for local porn shops. Instead of organizing protests outside porn shops or calling city or county officials and demanding that they have the billboards removed and the porn shops shut down, he decided to just put up a billboard of his own to counteract the porn advertisements. The Blaze reported: “Porn destroys love,” it reads, along with a religious question for drivers passing by: “What would Read more […]

Job Creation: Bored Federal Government Employees Look at Internet Porn to Pass the Time

There’s at least one thing worse than being so swamped at work that it’s impossible to ever catch up:  Being so far ahead that you have nothing to do. Of the two, I’d rather be too busy. Apparently, people working for our gigantic federal government have this problem a lot. Not the “too busy” problem, but the “not-busy-enough” problem. And most of them still collect paychecks and bonuses, despite their having to find other stuff to do to pass the time. Not surprisingly, many Read more […]

EPA Official Looked at Porn on Government Computer “2 to 6 Hours a Day”; Still on the Payroll

When I heard this news reported on the radio the other day, the announcer acted like everyone should be shocked to hear it. But it’s nothing new. Apparently, some EPA employee habitually viewed pornography on his office computer, anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a day. Even when a special agent with the Office of the Inspector General came in to interview the official, he was diligently viewing pornography. And yes, the employee is still on the payroll, even receiving high performance reviews and Read more […]

Discrimination: Man Sues for Right to Marry his Computer; Judge Throws Out Case

How could the judge be so callous toward this guy who had what he believed to be a meaningful relationship with his computer? It’s discrimination, pure and simple. How would marrying his “sexual object of choice,” as Chris Sevier calls it, harm anyone else? If you don’t like the idea of marrying a machine, then don’t marry a machine, right? If you think such an idea is weird or sick, then please keep your hateful, bigoted and intolerant thoughts to yourself. Salt Lake City’s Fox affiliate Read more […]

Holder Supports Pornography More than Children and Families

There’s no secret that US Attorney General Eric Holder is anti-family, anti-children and anti-marriage.  He eagerly stopped defending the Defense of Marriage Act over a year before a court ruled against the federal law that defended traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Holder’s war against children and families can also be seen in his relentless efforts to deport the Romeike family back to Germany because they want to homeschool their children.  Even though an immigration Read more […]

Tax-Funded University Hires Pornographic Author As Professor

Socrates said this: “A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.” Everyone reading articles on this website is on the same page, for the most part; so I’m pretty much preaching to the choir. But that quote from Socrates, made so many years ago; thousands of years, is just as relevant today. Morality without an Independent standard is ambiguous. Think about that while reading Read more […]