Poll: Majority of Americans Don’t Think Obama is “Honest and Trustworthy”

Why is there just now a majority of Americans who don’t trust Obama? What took everyone so long? I guess since he’s a lame duck, Democrats and even the media can come out and start hinting at what they really think of him. CNS News noted that this was the first time a majority of Americans came to this conclusion about the President: Fifty-one percent of the Americans who responded to a Gallup poll conducted June 5-8 said that they do not believe the phrase “is honest and trustworthy” Read more […]

83% of American Voters are Uninformed According to Poll

When I saw the email headline from Rasmussen Reports, 83% Think Americans Are Not Informed Voters, I immediately agreed and thought to myself that the last two presidential elections were living proof. They asked the people: “1* Do U.S. voters have too much say or not enough say in choosing their leaders? Or is their level of choice about right?” “2* Is the United States more or less democratic than most other nations? Or is it about as democratic as most other nations?” “3* Does Read more […]

61% of Americans Think Obama is a Liar

Considering Obama’s war against our own military and his continual misleading of the American people, I believe that this title should be changed from Commander in Chief to Liar in Chief. This would be fully supported by a recent poll conducted by Fox News.  Their poll indicated that 61% of Americans believe that Obama lies on most important matters.  Of that 60%, 37% said Obama lies most of the time and 24% said they believe that he lies some of the time.  Fifteen percent said Obama never Read more […]

Polls Show Most Americans Saying No to Re-Electing GOP Incumbents

In the 2010 mid-term elections, a number of Washington incumbents were replaced with a class of new politicians.  If the latest Rasmussen Report is accurate, this year’s mid-term election may result in a more dramatic replacement of the current members of Congress. Republicans are hoping to maintain control of the House and regain control of the Senate, but the reality may not be so rosy.  A recent poll indicated that 59% of Republicans in Congress have lost touch with Republican voters throughout Read more […]

Poll Shows GOP Could Lose Senate Seat of Minority Leader McConnell

A month ago, I reported that Democratic US Senate candidate Allison Lundergan Grimes was embroiled in a primary payoff scandal in Kentucky.  Grimes and several other Democrats are hoping to face off against incumbent GOP Senator Mitch McConnell who also happens to be the Senate Minority Leader. In the scandal, Democrat Ed Marksberry reported that shortly after Grimes’ father Jerry Lundergan expressed concern about Marksberry’s role in the primary race, he was approached by a person who told Read more […]

If Obamacare’s So Great, Why do Most People Want It Repealed?

It’s only an opinion poll, which of course didn’t survey every single voter in America. No opinion poll does. They find a pool of random participants who are likely voters and ask them a few questions. It’s supposed to give us an idea of what opinion most people have regarding an issue. Liberals love opinion polls. They claim to be speaking “for the people” when they sponsor outrageous legislation. “I’m only doing what my people have put me here to do,” they might say before they Read more […]

Today, I Graduate College; Tomorrow, I Am Unemployed

It has taken me a long time, but I have finally realized what life is. Life is an accumulation of small moments: short conversations between friends, a glance that lasts just a second, and a billion minute pieces that, together, make up our decades long experience on this earth. The grand sum of all the parts is one memory that seems longer than it actually is. I graduate from college today, and I am both excited and scared. The “real world” has been knocking at my door, and I finally have to Read more […]

Methodologically Flawed AP Poll: Republicans Are Racist

The Associated Press is claiming, based on the results of a recent poll of theirs, that anti-black sentiments have increased under President Obama so much that it stands to knock him back by five percentage points in the popular vote on Election Day. The main offenders, those most likely to engage in explicit and implicit prejudice against blacks, are, naturally, Republicans. The AP found similar results in 2008, a fact which really ought to be cause for them to re-examine their methodology, Read more […]

Poll Confirms the Obvious: Obama Is a Socialist

As if we need yet another reminder that the rest of the world favors socialism, The BBC released the results of a worldwide survey that further drove the last nail into that coffin. After surveying over 21,000 people from countries all across the globe–except the US–the results are definitive. If the presidential election were held on a global scale, Barack Obama would win by a whopping 41 percentage points. So, what does all of this mean? It means a lot. Firstly, I am very happy that people Read more […]