Poll: Most Americans Think the Terrorists are Winning

If terrorism is about invoking terror in the hearts of those whom it targets, I’d say the terrorists are winning by a large margin. Part of their purpose is to kill. But more than that, they want to make their intended targets live in fear. They murder people in the most horrific ways so that an entire country such our own cowers in fear before them. A recent poll found that more Americans think that the terrorists are winning the “war on terror” than those who think we’re winning, and Read more […]

Poll: Majority of Americans Not in Favor of “Assault Weapon” Ban

I’m sure if White House spokesman Josh Earnest were asked about this poll, he’d say that it was a “tragic irony.” I mean, how dare people not be in favor of something so obviously common sense as an assault weapons ban? Especially, since we’ve had to deal with recent mass shootings here and in places like Paris. Criminals use assault weapons to kill a bunch of people, and Americans still aren’t in favor of banning them? I think it means that the propaganda isn’t working like it used Read more […]

Poll: A Quarter of Americans Think the Media Try to be Objective

That might seem like a lot of Americans who seem to trust the media, but that figure is actually down significantly from the past few years. It’s an all-time low for this particular survey conducted by the Newseum Institute. It’s interesting to note that those most likely to distrust the media are young people, middle-aged people, and Republicans. Those most likely to trust the media are older people and Democrats. CNS News reported: The survey asked if respondents agreed with this statement: Read more […]

Poll: 61% of Voters Don’t Trust Political News

Rasmussen just released a poll that shows America’s distrust of media is yet again at an all time high. Sixty-one percent of those surveyed said that they do not trust the political news that’s constantly thrown at them. According to CNS News: Sixty-one percent of Likely Voters in the United States say they do not trust the political news they are getting, according to a recent national Rasmussen survey. In addition, 59 percent said coverage of the 2016 presidential race will be slanted, and Read more […]

Poll: Support for Concealed Carry Rising

In spite of the national media’s efforts to scare Americans into accepting more gun control by sensationalizing mass homicides like Sandy Hook and white-on-black violence, there’s been a marked increase in support for gun ownership and concealed carry. According to the Daily Caller: A survey conducted by John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center shows a profoundly favorable view of concealed carry as a tool for a safer society. When asked, “In the United States, are guns used in self-defense Read more […]

Poll: 1% of Americans View Global Warming as Top Issue

A recent Pew Research poll found that only 1% of Americans believe that global warming is a top concern. Here’s Breitbart: In the wake of historic midterm election losses for Democrats, Obama unveiled two major global warming initiatives and said he would make the issue a major theme of his final two years in office. However, according to the latest USA Today/Pew Research poll, just 1% of Americans cite environment/global warming as their top concern.  Similarly, last year Obama hailed income Read more […]

UN Poll Finds that Global Warming Scare Propaganda Isn’t Working

People are resistant to global warming scare propaganda. Sometimes polls are taken not just to survey current public opinion, but more specifically to find out how people are responding to propaganda campaigns conveyed by the media. They want to see how effective their efforts have been to convince people of a certain opinion. In this poll conducted by the United Nations, over 6 million people were surveyed around the world. Participants were given 16 options and were asked to prioritize them. Read more […]

Poll Shows Public Doubts if Obama Will Work with GOP

After the Republicans won control of Senate and gained more seats in the House, Barack Obama told the American people that he wants to work with them to get things done. I recall him saying something similar in 2010 when the Republicans won control of the House, splitting control of Congress with the Democrats. Yet in the four years since that time, Obama has refused to work with the GOP House. He has repeatedly insisted that they cave in to his demands or he would veto everything that they sent Read more […]

Liberal Media Ignoring Obama’s Dismal Poll Results Because of Midterm Elections

I recall in the 2006 midterm elections, the liberal media had a field day publicizing President George W. Bush’s low poll results. They played up his poor approval ratings and made sure everyone knew before the election just how much trouble the Republican Party was in trouble. Democrats gained ground in that election and paved the way for total Democratic victory in 2008. Prior to the 2010 midterm elections, the same liberal mainstream media did their best to publicize any negative poll results Read more […]

Poll Shows Conservative Foreign Policy Objectively Better Than Liberal

“Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.” – Jeff Cooper Perception shapes the world. Regardless of facts, figures, statistics, or evidence, the way in which we come to understand the world around us is what defines opinions. We absorb information, and it passes through a lens which has been formed over the course of our lifetime. This lens shapes the information we are given into coherent or not so coherent opinion. Our perceptions drive our political Read more […]

Many Millennials Claim to be Socialist … But Don’t Know What that Means

When I appropriate a label for myself, I generally attempt to know what it means first. Not so, with most Millennials. According to a recent poll, almost half of Millennials claim to be socialist, but very few of them can give an accurate description of just what being a socialist means: Forty-two percent say they prefer socialism as a means of organizing society but only 16% can define the term properly as government ownership of the means of production. In fact, when asked whether they want an Read more […]

New Poll Shows GOP Likely to Win Senate in November

Earlier this year, less than half of the likely voters polled said they believed that Republicans would win control of the Senate in the November election. In January, only 44% had faith of a GOP victory. Those figures go along with many polls that showed that Democrats had slightly higher approval ratings than Republicans. However, the tide is now swinging in favor of the Republican Party according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey. The January figure of 44% has now risen to 54% Read more […]