This Is How We Reach Our Detroit Destiny

According to, this time the conservatives are about to start a financial crisis: “The prevailing view: When Congress returns in September, sabers will be rattled and threats will be hurled. But then, as usual, Washington will grind out a crummy deal that keeps the federal lights on and avoids a disastrous default.” Not true this time: “The House GOP is hopelessly fractured on spending strategy. Senate Republicans who might otherwise broker a deal face primary challenges that Read more […]

2014: Where Is Everyone Who Wants To Be In Politics? reports on an interesting story but I wonder if it calls for a different interpretation. The headline reads, “The incredibly shrunken 2014 battlefield.” “Battleground 2014 is shaping up to be a very small place. With the House sliced and diced into districts that leave most incumbents insulated from any serious reelection challenge — and a host of prized Senate recruits from both parties deciding they’d rather just stay home — control of Congress could be decided next year Read more […]

What We’re Reading July 18, 2013

Happy Thursday Morning! With the week more than half over we are headed into that last stretch before the weekend, keep your heads up, work hard and stay informed. We’ve scoured the internet looking for the most important (to us) stories and the stuff we hope will keep you at the head of the pop culture and current events class. So here’s what we’re reading today – Thursday, July 18, 2013. The folks over at Rolling Stone have stepped into a hornet’s nest in their attempt to Read more […]

Media Going All Out to Brain Wipe Conservatives While They’re Down

Call it Paula Kale’s revenge. Jonathan Martin has written an article at Politico, “The GOP’s Media Cocoon.” He compares the present post-Romney GOP to Paula Kale who famously said that she didn’t understand how Nixon could have won because none of her friends voted for Nixon. The New Yorker movie critic was in an insular media and cultural cocoon. Martin’s article contains some real truth that is worth reading. I, for one, will never look at the polls the same way again. In fact, we don’t Read more […]