Cops Say You’re On Your Own for First Half Hour or So After Calling 9-1-1

Have you ever asked your local police department how long it would take them to respond to a call for help at your house that someone is breaking in?  Have you ever asked them what you’re supposed to do between the time you call for help and the time they arrive? Investigators from Project Veritas visited a number of police stations and asked the same questions.  To begin with, the response time varied from a couple minutes to over an hour if at all.  In many cases, the response time for Read more […]

AK-47s, AR-15s, Police and You

By now you’ve read dozens of articles and commentaries on the proposed gun control laws.  We’ve even posted several video clips of statements and debates.  Through it all, there is one constant and that is that most of the news hosts are flaming liberals that are anti-gun. One of those anti-gun liberals is Bray Cary from The State Journal’s Decision Makers program.  The State Journal claims to be West Virginia’s only business newspaper in the state. I watched several of Cary’s Read more […]

In Chicago, Land of Liberal Gun Control, 911 is Made Impotent

Once an idea sinks its claws into the Liberal mind, it is nearly impossible to change that idea. The mind should be an open courtyard, allowing ideas to confront preconceived notions, and sometimes replace them with new, more refined truths. We are all guilty of stubbornness; but those on the Left are the epitome of intransigence. According to CBS Chicago, “Starting this week, Chicago police are changing their responses to 911 calls. They’ll no longer come right away to reports of things like Read more […]

Police NOT Obligated to Protect Citizens

How many of you believe that the main purpose of your local police department is to protect and serve the people?  I don’t recall what TV program it was, but some years back there was a program about policeman and in the introduction it always had the words, ‘to protect and serve.’ We were taught from the time were small children that if we are threatened by anyone we were to call 911 and asked them to dispatch the police. But is that the real function of the police department? According Read more […]

Man Charged With Violating HIPAA Laws for Filming Police on Public Street

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a federal law designed for how health care providers handle a person’s personal health information. However, in Little Canada, Minnesota, a quaint little suburb of about 10,000 just 7 miles due north of St. Paul, sheriff’s deputies have issued a citation to Andrew Henderson for violating the HIPAA laws while video recording them in action on a public street. The incident all started October 30 of last year when Henderson happened Read more […]

Afghanistan – Vietnam All Over Again

The only war the U.S. ever fought and lost was the Vietnam War.  Excuse me, I mean the Vietnam United Nations Police Action. One of the greatest difficulties we had in Vietnam, besides it being run by the United Nations, was that we never knew for certain who our friends and enemies really were.  Sure, we could recognize the various uniforms and clothes of the regimental North Vietnamese and Chinese, but it was those that donned other outfits that proved to be the most dangerous. U.S. troops Read more […]