Hillary Clinton Courting the Private Prison Lobby

According to an article in The Intercept, the private prison lobby is working closely with Hillary Clinton to fund her 2016 presidential run: Last week, Clinton and other candidates revealed a number of lobbyists who are serving as “bundlers” for their campaigns. Bundlers collect contributions on behalf of a campaign, and are often rewarded with special favors, such as access to the candidate. Richard Sullivan, of the lobbying firm Capitol Counsel, is a bundler for the Clinton campaign, Read more […]

Police Brutality is Not a Racial Issue

Every time a police officer harasses or kills a black person, commentators publicize it as another evidence of the chronic racial problem in the United States. But the race narrative is not large enough to account for all police butality. The main problem with law enforcement is not racism. If we were paying attention, we would already know this. Take for instance the recent police shooting of Zachary Hammond. His case has not been widely publicized because it doesn’t fit nicely into the race Read more […]

You Can’t End the Police State Without Ending the Welfare State

With the recent police shooting in South Carolina topping off a growing list of “justifiable” police homicides, many Americans have become painfully aware of the tyrannical reality of the police state. Many of the recent victims of police state brutality have a few things in common: they were black, they were originally stopped for misdemeanors, and they resisted arrest or failed to comply with police orders. None of these factors should, in any sense, carry a death sentence. But do these Read more […]

Private Security Firms on the Rise, Replacing Local Police

In 2012, the township of Sharpstown, Texas fired its police force and hired SEAL, a private security firm, to patrol the town. As you would expect, the town is now a hotbed of crony corruption, the private police are costing citizens an arm and a leg, and the crime rate has shot through the roof. Or not: Not only has SEAL been more successful at preventing crime in Sharpstown than traditional law enforcement [crime has dropped 61% in Sharpstown], they are cheaper. Sharpstown is saving $200,000 Read more […]

The New Debtors Prison Dilemma

We have a new debtors prison for our times. It happens when poor people don’t have money for the numerous fines we all incur in our daily travels. Whether it is speeding tickets, fix-it tickets, expired tag tickets, seatbelt tickets, or the rest, the police are regularly handing out fines to citizens. But what happens when you don’t have money to pay those fines or the ability to go to court? Debtors prison, that’s what: “These aren’t violent criminals,” says Thomas Harvey, another of Read more […]

Philadelphia Making Millions a Year on Civil Forfeiture

Philadelphia is using an obscure law to take property away from innocent citizens. Through civil forfeiture, Philadelphia has been able to sieze propoerty if that property is even tenuously connected to law-breaking. In one case, the Sourovelise family had a teenage son who sold about $40 worth of drugs outside their house. He was caught and ordered to mandatory rehab. A little while later, the police showed up and evicted the Sourovelises from their house. The police claimed that, under civil Read more […]

If Recording the Police is Not a Crime, It Sure Seems Like It

A candidate for the governor of New York, Randy Credico, was recently arrested, handcuffed, and jailed for taking footage of an overly aggressive arrest. This comes just days after the NYPD sent out a memo telling police officers that recording the police is legal. Recording the police may be legal, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s like so many other points of law. It is technically legal for you to refuse to take a sobriety test. It’s technically legal for you to refuse a search or Read more […]

Study Reveals Drug Dogs Are Unreliable for “Probable Cause”

A lawsuit filed against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department claims that drug dogs are little more than “trick ponies” used to legitimize the seizure of property from innocent victims. A 2010 study conducted by UC Davis is central to the lawsuit, as it indicated that drug dogs failed 85% percent of the time. In the study, 18 drug dogs and their handlers were asked to sniff out the drugs and bombs in a particular room. One hundred and twenty-three times out of 144, the drug dogs indicated Read more […]

Big Brother Obama is Watching You! Living under the Obama Police State

Obama’s big excuse for the economy is that it is all Bush’s fault. That’s a lame way to shift blame after having four years as president and making promises about recovery. But what about “the national security state”? Obama was elected because he was proclaimed a different message about the importance of civil rights and contrasted himself with the Bush Administration. So how has that worked out? The headline, “Warrantless surveillance by American government has increased by 662% Read more […]