FBI Investigates South Carolina Killer Cop for Civil Rights Violations

It was big news the other day when authorities released the dash cam footage showing the initial traffic stop that ended with four bullets in Walter Scott’s back. What we don’t have and probably won’t ever have is what happened in between the traffic stop and where the bystander video began. The dash cam footage gives us a bigger picture of what happened, but it still doesn’t make the cop’s case any better. Authorities think that Scott may have bolted because there was a warrant Read more […]

Cop Faces 30 Years for Shooting Man in the Back 4 Times

After video footage of a police encounter surfaced, the police officer in the video was charged with murder. As with most of these types of videos, we don’t have a whole lot of context. All we see is a cop confronting a black man, and then the black man starts to run away. In response, the cop shoots at the man several times and ends up hitting him a total of five times, four times in the back and once in the ear. I would argue that it doesn’t matter what the issue was, this shooting was totally Read more […]

To All Those Protesting: You Are Responsible For The Chaos

If you are protesting the police, do you have any idea what you are doing? “Every action needs to be prompted by a motive.” – Leonardo Da Vinci Our actions are brought to life by our motives. Without motive, there is no method of defining our behavior. So to understand why someone does something, one must trace backwards their sequence of actions in order to uncover the motivation behind them. It is only in the motivation—uncovered by reverse engineering of actions—that one can decide if those Read more […]