No-Knock Police Raid Victim Shot in the Back, Face Down

Here is how the no-knock police raid went down: The police had gotten a warrant to search the house of David and Teresa Hooks for meth. But guess who gave the police this information? A meth addict who had come to the Hooks’ house just two days prior to the police raid, burglarized their home, and stole their black SUV. The meth addict burglar told the police that he had found meth in the Hooks’ SUV, which turned out to be a lie. So, that burglary and theft of their SUV happened, and then Read more […]

Cop Kills Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl

A cop killed a sleeping 7-year-old girl in one of those middle-of-the-night, no-knock police raids a few years ago. So far, the only charge that the cop’s still facing is “recklessly discharging a firearm.” The case’s most recent trial on October 10th ended in a mistrial, the same way the first trial concluded. The judge had dropped the involuntary manslaughter charge against him. Police State USA summarized what happened: On the evening of May 16, 2010, the Detroit Police Department’s Read more […]

SWAT Teams Raid Barber Shops Over Permits

I think the whole idea of getting a barber shop a “proper” government permit in order to be allowed to cut someone’s hair for money is absolutely ridiculous. It used to be that an inspector from some local government bureaucracy would walk in and inspect a place of business to check on permits and such. Now, they send in a small army, tell customers to leave, shut the place down indefinitely, handcuff the employees, and search the place. Upon finding out that the business does have the proper Read more […]

Man Faces Death Penalty for Defending Himself Against Cops in No-Knock Raid

It was back in May of this year that police officers broke into this guy’s house around 5:30 in the morning. Actually, they don’t call it a break-in when it’s police. They call it “serving a search warrant.” They choose the worst time of day (or night) to conduct their search. They do it at a time when most people would be taken by surprise. This isn’t such a good idea, especially in a state like Texas, where so many residents are armed with guns. So, this almost-50-year-old Marvin Read more […]

Should Citizens be Allowed to Defend Themselves Against Police in No-Knock Raids?

A couple weeks ago in Killeen, Texas, local police conducted a no-knock 5:30 a.m. raid on a couple’s apartment. There isn’t any evidence that the police announced themselves prior to breaking in. And not only that, when they searched the apartment after their raid, the most incriminating thing they could find was a glass pipe. No drugs. In the process of the officers’ breaking in, the couple in the apartment grabbed their handguns and shot at the intruders, killing one and injuring another. Read more […]

Cops Leave 75-Year-Old Grandmother in Handcuffs In Botched, Wrong House Raid

In an early morning raid, Virginia State Police barged in to Ruth Hunter’s apartment, handcuffed her with ties and began interrogating her about drugs or if anyone she knows, even her granddaughter, was involved. Local CBS affiliate WTVR reported: She said officers told her during the raid what they were looking for, and court documents also show the information. She said she had nothing to do with the investigation. Virginia State Police said a drug investigation is what prompted a Henrico County Read more […]

D.C. Businessman Found Guilty of Possessing Inert Muzzleloader Bullets

There was a case we reported on a while back involving a D.C. businessman who was arrested and charged with possession of unregistered ammo. Apparently, they think it would “promote public safety” to order 30 officers decked out in full tactical gear to the house of D.C. businessman Mark Witaschek, raid his house, use a battering ram to break down the door to the bathroom where his 16-year-old son was taking a shower, pull him out of the bathroom naked, hold the businessman and his girlfriend Read more […]