Boston Police Chief: “Nobody in the City Needs a Shotgun; Nobody Needs a Rifle”

For a while, the “debate” has been about how many rounds of ammunition are allowed to be in a gun magazine. “No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer!” And that fight is still going on, but here we have Boston’s Police Commissioner Bill Evans taking it a couple steps forward and claiming that residents in his city don’t even need shotguns or rifles. It seems that he thinks that no one needs a long gun to kill a deer. In an interview with Boston Public Radio, he outlined his stance on Read more […]

Detroit Police Chief Credits Gun Ownership for Drop in Crime

Detroit police chief James Craig wasn’t always crazy about gun ownership among the citizenry. He was your average gun control proponent when he worked for the LAPD for 28 years. He changed his mind in 2009 when he moved to Maine. Regarding his change of heart, he stated: “Coming from California, where it takes an act of Congress to get a concealed weapon permit, I got to Maine, where they give out lots of CCWs, and I had a stack of CCW permits I was denying; that was my orientation. I changed Read more […]

Police Chief under Attack for Turning to Religious Leaders to Help Crime Victims

For centuries, pastors, ministers, rabbis and other religious leaders where the ones that people turned to when they needed emotional and spiritual help after falling victim to a crime.  Law enforcement took care of the legal aspect of catching the criminal but many victims needed help coping with what happened to them. Birmingham, Alabama Police Chief A.C. Roper recognized the important role the religious leaders play in helping crime victims.  He has been working with ministers, rabbis, imams Read more […]

Chief of Police Says Guns Are NOT a Defensive Weapon

Why do law enforcement officers have guns?  Do they use their guns as offensive or defensive weapons? According to Ken James, Chief of Police in Emeryville, California: “One issue that always boggles my mind is that a gun is a defensive weapon. That is a myth. A gun is not a defensive weapon, a gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and used to show power.” Listen to Chief James in the first 36 seconds of this video: I have family and friends that have been in law enforcement Read more […]