Study: Arctic Sea Ice Too Thick for Icebreakers

Global warming alarmists like to talk mostly about sea ice extent and how it’s rapidly declining. They fear that as sea ice recedes, that all the melted ice will cover coastal cities and islands. But what they conveniently leave out of their discussion is sea ice thickness. Ice might recede, but it can also grow in thickness at the same time. In terms of gauging how severe the conditions are for sea travel, ice thickness is the most important criterion. If the ice is extensive but thin, icebreaker Read more […]

In the 50s, Scientists Warned of Melting Polar Ice Caps

There’s always something catastrophic that’s about to happen that never actually happens. Right now, the catastrophe that we keep waiting to happen to wipe out the human race is global warming, that’s supposedly caused by the oil and gas industry. The only solution to prevent that catastrophe from happening is forcing everyone away from using fossil fuel industry products and toward green industry products. Somehow, that’s supposed to appease the climate gods. And make the green industry Read more […]

Scientists Admit Their Dwindling Polar Bear Numbers Were Made Up

Apocalyptic global temperature increases haven’t been the only thing made up to scare people into accepting global warming hysteria. Polar bears have been used throughout the years to tug at people’s heartstrings to convince them that we’ve got to do something about global warming. Because if we don’t, then all those cute and cuddly polar bears are going to die, and in fact, are dying right now thanks to man-caused temperature increases. It’s no wonder that this form of propaganda has worked Read more […]

More Ironic Bloviations From Hypocrite Al Gore

Al Gore was once the Vice President of what was at that time still the most powerful nation on Earth, but he decided to squander his own legacy by becoming the world’s most famous crackpot. Oh well. Starting over a year ago, according to Oracle Gore, we were supposed to have been living in a world completely free of a northern polar ice cap. No, really, that’s what he warned us about in 2009. It was just supposed to have vanished into thin, hot hair, much like what comes out of Gore himself. The Read more […]