Defenseless Domino’s Delivery Driver Shot to Death

Can you imagine a police department enforcing a policy that prohibited their officers from carrying a firearm? I think most people would find that idea preposterous. A police officer’s job can be very dangerous. They should be able to carry a weapon to protect themselves. Would you believe that a pizza delivery driver actually has a more dangerous job than a cop? And yet, despite the danger of their job, many pizza chains have strict no-gun policies. If disarming cops as a matter of policy is Read more […]

Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Armed Robber

A pizza delivery driver is obviously a prime target for criminals because of all the cash he or she carries. And they drive around at nighttime when criminals are most active. That pizza deliverers are disarmed as a condition of employment just makes the situation that much worse. Criminals depend on and expect their victims to be defenseless. They operate best in gun-free zones where citizens aren’t allowed to protect themselves with any kind of weapon. But every now and then, an employee breaks Read more […]