Unions Trying to Ban Non-Union Airlines from Landing in US

One of the things that made America great was free enterprise. People were allowed to create a business and try to prosper. Sometimes the businesses failed and sometimes they were successful. Some unscrupulous business owners created unfavorable working conditions, often referred to as sweat shops. They provided no benefits and little pay. So along came labor unions and cleaned up working conditions, securing benefits and getting the workers high pay. A century later, unions have driven up Read more […]

Rand Paul: Arm All Airline Pilots

In the debate over ways to ensure public safety, those on the left think the answer is getting rid of guns. According to their theory, if guns are systematically outlawed and enough signs are posted notifying people (especially criminals) that guns aren’t allowed, that will help stem violence. Those on the right take it the other direction and point out that having as many good citizens as possible carry guns is a far better crime deterrent than gun-free zone signs, which as we’ve seen time and Read more […]