Airports, Government Buildings & Democratic National Conventions are Racist According to Holder’s Logic

US Attorney General Eric Holder has fought every attempt by Republicans to require a photo ID to vote.  He claims that it’s racist and discriminates against blacks and Hispanics.  Somehow in his warped logic, he doesn’t believe that poor minorities are capable of getting photo IDs so they can vote. I received an email from former US Rep. Allen West that showed just how flawed Holder’s logic is.  Michele Hickford wrote that she and West flew to a speaking event in Fresno, California.  Read more […]

Voter ID Laws Do Not Equal Minority Voter Suppression

Michel de Montaigne said: “There is no passion so contagious as that of fear.” I would add to that: There is no passion so contagious as that of fear that is deployed by the Democrats. Fear is–in my opinion–the strongest motivator. We fear death, getting old, and becoming fat, so we eat well, and exercise. We fear commitment, so we put a bubble around ourselves. We fear failure, so we never attempt to succeed. Fear, as a basic emotion, is extraordinarily powerful, and can be used very effectively Read more […]