White House on Philadelphia Muslim Cop Shooter: “Certainly One Thing We Can do is to Keep Guns Out of the Hands of People Like Him”

If you recall, there was a man in Philadelphia last week who opened fire on a cop at an intersection, shooting him some 13 times. Even though the cop was severely injured, he took off on foot after 30-year-old Edward Archer and shot him a few times in his arms and buttocks. After Archer has recovered in the hospital, he’ll be charged with aggravated assault, assault of a law enforcement officer, and several other charges related to the gun he used. Archer pledged his support to ISIS and claimed Read more […]

Philadelphia Decriminalized Marijuana, and the City Saved $1 Million as a Result

The city of brotherly love decided to decriminalize the possession of marijuana, and what they’ve found is that in the first three months of this year, the city saved an estimated $1 million. It was able to save so much money in so little time, because it redirected police work away from those with possession of weed to those suspected of actual crimes. Every arrest costs the city money. With relatively few people getting arrested for marijuana possession in the city, that means the jails won’t Read more […]

Philadelphia Making Millions a Year on Civil Forfeiture

Philadelphia is using an obscure law to take property away from innocent citizens. Through civil forfeiture, Philadelphia has been able to sieze propoerty if that property is even tenuously connected to law-breaking. In one case, the Sourovelise family had a teenage son who sold about $40 worth of drugs outside their house. He was caught and ordered to mandatory rehab. A little while later, the police showed up and evicted the Sourovelises from their house. The police claimed that, under civil Read more […]

City Of Brotherly Love Or Zombietown? Philadelphia’s Financial Collapse

I realize everyone is thinking about terrorism right now. But a financial collapse is arguably also a national security threat. Such a crisis could even result in injury and death—as anyone who has watched the riots in Greece realizes. So readers need to be aware that Bloomberg reports the governor of Philadelphia met with a small select group of potential investors yesterday, at a meeting from which the media and the public were banned. While the conference started yesterday, it is to continue Read more […]

Philly Schools Promoting Teen Sex

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love is loving in a different way.  Areas of the city are experiencing high rates of STDs and nearly 25% of all the new cases are occurring in teenagers. If you were given the task of curtailing the problem, how would you go about it? I can tell you one thing; I definitely would not have taken the same approach as the Philly schools are taking.  Over the Christmas break, school officials have been busy installing clear plastic dispensers full of condoms, Read more […]