Drug Dealers, Congress, And America’s Legal Drug Trade

It was not long ago that the tobacco industry and cigarette companies were under fire for selling an addictive product as safe to consume. Eventually big tobacco was exposed, laws were passed and taxes increased to restrict and discourage the use of an addictive, and yes, deadly product. It took decades for government to react to tobacco’s public health threat. Why? The answer was obvious. Big tobacco was paying powerful legislators off with huge campaign contributions. These days it is difficult Read more […]

Pharmaceutical Companies And The FDA Are Accomplices To Mass Murder

A cursory examination of recent mass murder statistics in the United States reveals an obvious common component of these heinous crimes. A component that is conveniently being overlooked by the newly invigorated anti-gun violence advocates in Washington. Mass violence crimes in America don’t always involve a gun, but in each and every case—going back to the year 2000—where large groups of innocent unarmed victims are attacked in America, the perpetrator is always found to be using a doctor Read more […]