Why Are Millennials Losing Their Religion?

A new Pew Research poll indicates that American Millennials are losing trust in the positive impact of churches on society: Younger generations tend to have more-positive views than their elders of a number of institutions that play a big part in American society. But for some institutions – such as churches and the news media – Millennials’ opinions have become markedly more negative in the past five years. Since 2010, Millennials’ rating of churches and other religious organizations Read more […]

Pew Survey: The Feds and the Media Have Most Negative Impact on America

Of all the things that have a negative impact on the United States, from terrorists to criminals to drugs to whatever, the top two things Americans claim have the most negative impact on America are the federal government (if you include Congress) and the media: An extensive new Pew Research Center survey finds that 65 percent believe that the news media “has a negative effect on the way things are going in the country.” Some 56 percent said the entertainment industry has a negative effect. Read more […]

Proof that American Christianity is Largely Meaningless

Want proof that American Christianity means very little in our day? About 92% of Congress members claim to be Christian. What’s even more puzzling is the extremely high percentage of “Christian” Democrats: Though Christians dominate both parties, Democrats are more religiously diverse than Republicans. Of the 301 Republicans in the 114th Congress, Jewish freshman Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York is the only non-Christian. A large majority of Democrats in Congress (80%) are Christian, with 44% Read more […]

Liberals Ignore Religion Teach Tolerance Instead

A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that liberals think teaching tolerance to children is far more important than instilling religious faith, whereas conservatives think the exact opposite. Pew points to increasing political polarization as a reason for major divergence between conservatives and liberals on what to teach children. The survey extended to 12 different qualities in total, including responsibility, persistence, hard work and manners. Polarization apparently does not seem Read more […]

The Majority of Americans Don’t Believe in Global Warming

No matter how hard the liberals and their allies in the media try, they are just not finding a gullible audience in the American people. For the last 20 years they’ve been trying to convince us that we should be terrified of the incoming Global Warming Disaster… and yet a new poll finds that more than half of Americans dispute the idea of a Global Warming crisis. Never the folks who let facts get in their way, the Democrats still continue to peddle the idea that we must spend billions to fight Read more […]

Islam Second Largest Religion in 20 States

I have friends that live in the United Kingdom and they have told me how Muslims move into an area in groups. They buy up as many businesses as they can and then run other businesses out of town. They take over local politics, schools, and housing. Once they get enough of them in the area, they actively discriminate and harass non-Muslims into moving away. Christian churches that have been a house of God for centuries are being turned into mosques. Now they are getting Muslims in Parliament and are Read more […]

Young Voters Turning Against Obamacare Will Mean Its Collapse By 2016

In 2008 and 2012, Barack Obama won the presidency with five key demographic groups: women, blacks, Hispanics, young and fraudulent voters.  A year after the last election, Obama has been losing a significant number of voters in several of those demographic groups, namely women and young voters.  In fact, some polls indicate that if the election were held this November instead of last year that Romney would easily defeat Obama and win the White House. Those young people aren’t only abandoning Read more […]

The Tide FINALLY Turns On Obamacare

Cat Stevens said: “I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will prevail. I’m an optimist, brought up on the belief that if you wait to the end of the story, you get to see the good people live happily ever after.” I would like to be so confident as to always expect the end result to be the success of logic and justice. Generally speaking, I’m not an optimist; I’m a cynic. I expect the worst from people, from jobs, from politicians, and from life in general. That way, if something Read more […]

Journalism Gets No Respect, Poll Says

According to a recent Pew poll, respect for the contributions of journalists to society has sunk considerably since 2009, dipping especially low among women. I wonder why. In an article I wrote on the fallacy of consensus science, I quoted from Michael Crichton’s brilliant 2003 lecture “Aliens Cause Global Warming” about the deterioration of journalism and the media: The deterioration of the American media is dire loss for our country. When distinguished institutions like the New York Times Read more […]

Protestants Down, Muslims, Mormons and ‘Nones’ Up

Yes, at one time, America was ‘One Nation Under God’, but sadly that idea is rapidly fading away.  Believe it or not, the fastest growing religion in the United States is being referred to as Nones – people having no religious affiliation at all. According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research, nearly one out of every 5 people America identify themselves as having no religious affiliation.  In 2007, 15.3% said they had no religious affiliation.  Five years later, that number has Read more […]