College Students Sign Petition to Round Up Gun-Owners In FEMA Camps And Execute Them

Mark Dice likes to demonstrate the utter ignorance of Americans by having random people sign fake petitions that call for some of the most ridiculous things like repealing the Bill of Rights. People willingly sign his pretend petitions no matter how ludicrous they are, and he gets everything recorded on video. In a recent one, he encouraged students on a California college campus to sign a petition that called for, among other things, the repeal of the 2nd Amendment; the confiscation of all guns Read more […]

Colorado Recall Effort Underway Against Gun Grabber Evie Hudak

If you live in Colorado’s 19th Senate District, make your way over to the group’s Arvada headquarters to sign the petition to recall State Senator Evie Hudak. If the effort is successful, she’ll be the third gun-grabber in Colorado’s legislature to lose her seat. The guy behind the recall effort Mike McAlpine said that so far, it’s going “very, very strong.” He didn’t elaborate as to how many signatures they’ve got, but he did say that about 15% of those signing the petition Read more […]

White House Petition To Ban Teaching Of Intelligent Design Gets 23,000 Signatures In One Day

It’s been said that stupidity isn’t born, but bred. I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment; but I would take it even further in order to explain advanced stupidity. Because unlike regular, run of the mill dumb, you have some people that act so ferociously upon their stupidity that they advance to a new level, and so must be reclassified. It’s typical of these people to behave aggressively because they are under the impression that they are brilliant; that they have been put upon this earth Read more […]

White House Defends Anti-Constitution Foreigner

British citizen Piers Morgan has been very vocal in his attacks of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Over the past month, he has repeatedly attacked the Second Amendment giving citizens the right bear arms. In response to his anti-American commentary that has pervaded his CNN news show, over 100,000 American citizens signed a petition demanding that Morgan be deported back to England because of his open subversion of our constitutional rights.  A minimum of 25,000 signatures is required Read more […]

University Official Punished For Signing Petition

Part of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans is the freedom to our own political views and the freedom to sign a petition that supports our views.  At least that’s the way things are supposed to work. Like all things there are exceptions to the rule and Gallaudet University seems to be one of them. Wednesday, Oct. 10, Dr. Angela McCaskill, Chief Diversity Officer at Gallaudet University has been suspended and placed on a paid leave of absence by University President T. Allan Hurwitz, because Read more […]