PETA: If You Spot Bigfoot, Don’t Shoot Him

PETA is such a joke. They don’t want people hunting, shooting, or killing Bigfoot. I wonder if their position is the same on hunting unicorns or catching tooth fairies. The Houston Chronicle reported on PETA’s reaction to the “news” that some guy named Rick Dyer killed Bigfoot in 2012 in Texas: “The bottom line is, when someone sees a rare, exotic animal their first instinct shouldn’t be to shoot and kill it,” said PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt. “Just because you see something pretty, Read more […]

PETA To Bear Attack Victim: How Do You Think Deer Feel When They’re Being Hunted?

Eighteen-year-old Camille Bomboy and her stepfather and stepbrother were out deer-hunting on their own Pennsylvania property when Camille was confronted by a mother bear. Camille sustained bite injuries on her arms and shoulders and nearly lost one of her ears before her stepfather took Biden’s advice and fired his shotgun into the air to scare the bear away. It worked, and as far as we know, he’s not facing any charges for “reckless endangerment” or “unlawful discharge of a firearm,” Read more […]

Macy’s Parade Afloat with PETA Controversies

Remember the good old days when the most controversial thing the Macy’s Parade organizers had to deal with was a drunk Santa and his detuned version of Jingle Bells?1 Oh, for the good old days. Apparently the child-oriented joy and holiday spirit of the Macy’s Parade is now being completely swallowed up in a battle with, of all organizations, PETA. And PETA doesn’t even have an issue with the animals who are in the parade. (Are there Read more […]“A man’s gotta do something to keep warm…” [↩]