Teen Girl and her Dad Want to Get “Married,” Move to NJ where Incest is Legal

A Great Lakes area teen girl reconnected with her estranged dad. Both of them “fell in love” with each other, and now they want to get “married” and raise a family of their own. And no, they’re not planning on adopting kids either. They’re actually planning on having their own kids. And they’re not planning on telling their kids that their dad and maternal grandpa are the same person. (You ever heard that song “I’m My Own Grandpa?” I think we’re headed that direction.) A Read more […]

What’s So Wrong With Interspecies Marriage?

With homosexual “marriage” now so widely accepted, thanks to pop culture’s indoctrination of our pop-culture-obsessed society, deviancy has been defined downward. Standards have been lowered. Traditional morals have been scoffed at and redefined. In the homosexual community’s attempts to corrupt society, they’ve inadvertently provided the logical argument for those who wish to have their bestiality habits accepted and embraced. “Two people who love each other ought to be able to get married” Read more […]