Obama Administration: Technically, Killing a Human Embryo is Not an Abortion

This is their most recent response to Hobby Lobby in Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit against the Department of Justice for mandating that their insurance cover abortifacients. All along, the Obama administration had conceded to Hobby Lobby that drugs such as Plan B and Ella work by preventing a newly formed zygote from implanting in the mother’s uterus. If life begins at conception, that means that Hobby Lobby would be forced by Obamacare regulations to offer insurance that covers drugs which kill human Read more […]

North Dakota Governor Signs 3 Anti-Abortion Bills Into Law

On Monday, I reported that both houses of the North Dakota legislature had passed a personhood amendment that would recognize that human life begins at conception and that life is protected under the 14th Amendment.  The new amendment will have to be passed by the general population of the state on the next election which won’t be until 2014. I just learned that on Tuesday, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple signed three new anti-abortion bills into law. HB1305 places a ban on abortions Read more […]