The Difference Between Tim Tebow and Michael Sam

Tim Tebow and Michael Sam both had storied college football careers and both now find themselves cut from their dream jobs in the NFL. But they have reacted to their situations a bit differently. When Tebow was cut from the Eagles in his most recent chance to become an NFL quarterback, he responded to the news with this tweet: Thanks @Eagles and Coach Kelly for giving me the opportunity to play the game I love! Romans 8:28 #Blessed Michael Sam, the first openly “gay” NFL player (hashtag Read more […]

Dem Senator: Global Warming Skeptics Should be Prosecuted Like Mafia Bosses

I don’t know if he’s actually referring to every person who’s questioned manmade global warming theory, or if he’s only talking about the fossil fuel industry bosses. RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) laws have been used to bring down Mafia bosses and other organized crime leaders. Even though the leaders may not have necessarily committed murder themselves, the RICO Act allowed prosecutors to go after them based on the fact that they ordered others to do it for Read more […]

Boko Haram Aligning Forces with ISIS

Earlier this year a terrorist group of Islamic extremists gained world notoriety when they kidnapped nearly 300 Christian girls in northern Nigeria. Most the girls are still not accounted for, but reports claimed that they were being forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man or face severe torture and death. Over the past several years, Boko Haram has been systematically carrying out genocidal attacks against Nigeria’s Christians in the northern part of the country. Hundreds, probably Read more […]

Employee Placed On Leave For “God Bless America” E-mail Signature

They’re not being very forthright about why they placed this man on leave for his signature. He had a total of three different tags that he placed at the end of each of his e-mails. The one that was of concern was the one that read “God bless America.” The other two were “Excuses only satisfy the person making them” and “Change is either induced by inspiration or desperation.” Those were fine, but the one that mentioned God had to go. Boots Hawks is a retired military veteran of Read more […]

Judge Orders Fourteen-Year-Old Child Ground Into Hamburger

OK, not literally, but I can’t read this story and not think of the dark and morose song and video by Pink Floyd, “We Don’t Need No Education.” In the video, children are being marched through a factory line until they fall into a meat grinder. Meanwhile the chorus goes: “We don’t need no education We don’t need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!” In the song, the issue is teachers who have their Read more […]

Student Slammed With Disciplinary Charges After Refusing To Stomp on Christ

Peter Marshall said: “When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” We live in a peculiar time; culture is shifting beneath our feet in numerous ways. We live in a generation dedicated to Secularism; a generation that is increasingly defined by the Secular agenda. Faith is being beaten down by a growing number of people whose only ambition seems to be trashing religion and God. This cultural bent is most strongly seen Read more […]

5 Men Facing Prosecution & Possible Death in Iran Over Conversion to Christianity

There are many forms of persecution: political, religious, social, economic–to name just a few. Persecution is the unnecessary squashing of an ant under the heel of a boot. Persecution takes flames to a forest; burning everything down, until only ashes remain. But the worst form of persecution–the one that holds a special place in hell–is religious persecution. The current master of religious persecution is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran. According to Fox News: “Five Iranian Christian Read more […]

Obama’s Buddies Sentence Family to Prison for Converting to Christianity

President Barack Obama has faithfully defended and assisted his Muslim Brotherhood buddies from the moment they began to overthrow former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to the present.  When the Muslim Brotherhood, once outlawed by Mubarak, began to claim political power in the new Egypt, Obama was right there to support them.  When the Muslim Brotherhood actually assumed control of Egypt, Obama was right there to support them.  When Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi vowed Read more […]

Obama’s Hypocritical Religious Freedom Proclamation

Wednesday was Religious Freedom Day in America.  Since religion in no longer important to our national leaders, I bet you weren’t even aware of the occasion, were you? Even though President Barack Obama took the spotlight on Wednesday by announcing his gun control agenda and signing 23 executive orders concerning gun control, he did manage to issue a statement for Religious Freedom Day.  However, when I read his statement, I wanted to shout LIAR in his face and accuse him of total hypocrisy.  Read more […]

Egypt: Persecution Of Christians Expands

Living in America, I often forget just how lucky I am. Really though, the word “lucky” doesn’t even begin to do justice to the level of freedom and prosperity to which we are accustomed. Even at its worst, Conservatives and religious people in the United States are mocked, and verbally bullied. Rarely is there intolerance of such an extreme nature that people are imprisoned or killed because of their beliefs. It’s easy to think that imprisonment and execution are fantasies from hundreds of years Read more […]

Christian Persecution Rampant & Obama, Clinton and U.N. Remain Silent

Have you noticed that ever since Barack Obama was first elected in 2008, that he, Hillary Clinton and the United Nations have been quick to condemn any hint of Muslim persecution or intolerance towards them?  When U.S. soldiers urinated on the bodies of dead Taliban members, everyone was in an uproar and Obama apologized to the entire world.  When Qurans that were defaced by Muslim prisoners were burned by U.S. troops, the world cried out and Obama apologized.  No one said anything about the Christian Read more […]

Obama’s Foreign Policy Has Failed but at What Cost

Ever since taking office, President Barack Obama has concentrated most of his foreign policy efforts to woo the Muslim nations of the Middle East and surrounding area.  He has repeatedly bowed down to their leaders and apologized for every little American snub or insult to Islam. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has carried out his Islamic directives and likewise bowed down to Muslim leaders across the globe.  Even her closest aide and advisor has direct family ties to the Egypt’s Muslim Read more […]