Seattle Cop Pepper-Sprayed History Teacher for No Reason

It was at an MLK Day rally in Seattle where the local cops pepper-sprayed attendees, many of them for no apparent reason other than because they could. I know that there’s this “war on police,” but there’s a reciprocal war on civilians being waged by police. They don’t care for civilians in much the same way many civilians don’t care for overly aggressive and thuggish police. KOMO News reported:  A high school teacher and activist is suing the city of Seattle, claiming police officers Read more […]

Homeschool Parents Tasered and Pepper-Sprayed Over “Messy” House

The homeschool parents are suing over how they were treated. This Missouri couple homeschools their three kids. A social worker had visited their house once and then ordered an investigation into the family because of a “messy” house. The family had complied with the social worker’s first visit and inspection, but they objected the second time, at which point the social worker got the Missouri Sheriff’s Department involved. The police ended up pepper-spraying and tasering the parents, Read more […]