PETA “Hopping Mad” About White House’s Easter Egg Hunt

Some people are saying that this time, PETA’s lost all credibility. They’ve crossed the line. I’d ask when PETA ever had any credibility? It is not possible to take them seriously. They have to pretend that they’re outraged by animal abuse so that they can raise lots of money from rich and flaky Hollywood liberals. Their latest attack is on the White House for using real eggs in their Easter egg hunt: Here’s PETA’s president’s letter to Michelle Obama: Dear Ms. Obama, I’m Read more […]

PETA’s Ethical Treatment: Slaughter Thousands Of Cats And Dogs

Pets are people too, according to PETA, and it seems they’ve learned a great deal from abortion propaganda. If they can’t take care of the animals they claim to care so much about, the only compassionate thing to do is kill them. Just like the abortion supporters who want to prevent an unborn child from growing up in this cold, dark and cruel world. That’s what they call “ethical treatment.” They’ll talk a lot about saving the animals, and they’ll go to ridiculous lengths in their Read more […]