Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Mayor Orders Police Not to Provide Security at NRA Gun Show

According to the Mayor’s office, the NRA refused to pay additional fees for the security, so police protection was pulled from an NRA gun show. At first, it sounds like the NRA was greedy and wanted the police to provide security for their gun event for free. The Washington Free Beacon provided the other side of the story: “We have an epidemic of gun violence,” [Harrisburg Mayor] Papenfuse told WHTM. “It’s no secret that the NRA has worked against the city’s interests repeatedly over Read more […]

Pennsylvania Town Signs: “This is Not a Gun-Free Zone”

What do you think would be more likely to deter a criminal: a sign that reads “This is a gun-free zone,” or one that reads, “This is not a gun-free zone”? I think it’s pretty obvious that if a criminal is given the option, he’d much rather go to a place where there aren’t people who can defend themselves. He’d rather go to a “gun-free zone.” Whether this sign will help the crime rate go down (or stay down) in this Pennsylvania Township remains to be seen. But I think if Read more […]

Mayhem in Pennsylvania Mall: 1000 Black Girls Riot, Force Mall to Close

Fights broke out in a Monroeville, Pennsylvania mall (part of the greater Pittsburgh area) with crowds of brawlers reaching as many as a thousand participants. No one was arrested, but mall businesses decided to close down to avoid any potential damage that might ensue from all the chaos. Police indicated that a few teenagers may face charges as they continue their investigation into what exactly happened that brought on all this mayhem. WPXI reported: Channel 11 News has learned that police are Read more […]

Pennsylvania Considers Arming Teachers

There’s a bill being considered in the Pennsylvania state legislature that would allow teachers and staff to carry guns on campus: A year ago, top lawmakers and the Corbett administration said they didn’t want to talk about arming teachers in a bid to deter gun violence in schools, but that’s exactly the debate state Sen. Don White (R-Indiana) wants to have. White’s proposal would let school boards decide whether their school employees can carry firearms. He said the idea came from teachers Read more […]

ACLU Suing For Same Sex “Marriage”

So the war is on: “Pa. law banning gay marriage faces 1st court challenge; lawsuit seeks immediate legalization” What is helpful about this story regarding the ACLU’s lawsuit is that all or most of the economic excuses are obvious falsehoods. “…the suit says, same-sex couples do not have access to a long list of legal and financial protections as do opposite-sex couples. Those include an inheritance tax exemption for widows; an automatic power of attorney for spouses in health care Read more […]

Pennsylvania and Michigan Polls Suggest Romney Landslide

Pennsylvania: a state that has historically been solidly blue. Well, that might change for the first time in 24 years, as the polls show the race between Romney and Obama tightening in the keystone state. A Tribune Review poll, surveying 800 likely voters, has the race for Pennsylvania’s twenty electoral votes in a dead heat, with each candidate nabbing 47% of the vote. The common wisdom is that Pennsylvania will end up swinging toward Obama on Tuesday, but if you remember that back in 2008, Obama Read more […]