Who Pays the Taxes in the United States? And Why?

Today is Tax Day, and you’ve probably noted a few different narratives swirling around concerning taxes. One narrative is that the top earners in the US pay a disproportionate amount of taxes. This is known as a progressive tax rate. But other commentators have noted that the progressive tax rate applies for Federal income taxes but not for other taxes. If you consider all taxes—payroll, state, and local—the tax rate starts to look almost proportional percentage-wise. First, the top ten Read more […]

Obama’s Systematic Destruction Of Our Economy

There is an art to political calculations. A delicate touch is required in order to finely manipulate the specific destruction of an economy. There has been much debate in regard to how Obama is handling the economy. Many people have speculated that Obama has a very direct purpose in implementing Obamacare and his economic policies. I happen to agree. We have seen the fruits of the President’s labor roll out slowly over the last several years; but now that he has entered his second term, we are Read more […]