18 WRONG Predictions of Catastrophe Made Around the First Earth Day in 1970!

The brilliant fellows at the American Enterprise Institute have drawn up a nice little list of predictions of horrible environmental catastrophe from the left that surfaced right around the time of the first Earth Day in 1970. Oddly enough (sarcasm) none of those predictions have come true. In fact, there haven’t really ever been any predictions of environmental catastrophe that have been accurate. Here’s a sampling of just a few of AEI’s list of apocalyptic predictions from the left.   In Read more […]

National Academy of Sciences Suggests World Wide One Child Policy!?!

As if China’s experimentation with a one-child policy has been terrifying (not to mention – it hasn’t worked) enough, the National Academy of Sciences has now suggested the same policy for the rest of us. It’s hard to imagine how anyone living in a free society could possibly suggest this kind of deliberate fascism… but apparently, it’s possible.   A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences considers the effects a worldwide one-child policy would Read more […]