American Citizens Sign Petition to Ban the American Flag!

Media analyst, author and cultural commentator Mark Dice has put out some pretty inflammatory and revealing videos over the last few years, but his most recent one may take the cake. As usual we find Dice out on the street, pressing the flesh and interacting with normal, everyday Americans. Dice is carrying his usual petition-esque clipboard and attempting to engage other pedestrians in some polite political conversation. The catch? Dice is asking his fellow citizens to sign a petition banning Read more […]

Denver Students Protesting Curriculum Change Which Would Teach American Patriotism

Jefferson County, Colorado encompasses the western half the Denver metropolitan area and has a population of just over 500,000. Like many larger cities, the population of Denver and Jefferson County has become liberal in a number of areas including education. The Jefferson County School Board recently changed some of its board members. The new members are more conservative than the ones they replaced and they see what the liberal education has been doing to the local students. Consequently, they Read more […]

Is Johnny Freedom Gone for Good?

I make no apologies that I am a fan of old time country and western music. To be fair, I also enjoy Gospel, classical, folk, pop, instrumental, Celtic and early rock and roll. My all-time favorite singer is Tennessee Ernie Ford and his Gospel music. A trivia fact that you may not know is that Ford holds a music record that may never be broken. His album Hymns, was in the Top 100 for every month for ten consecutive years. Often when I am writing, I listen to my different music collections on my Read more […]

NY Principal Continues Attack on Patriotism

Greta Hawkins is the principal of New York City’s PS 90 school. Although Hawkins says she is not anti-patriotic, her actions as principal say otherwise. In 2012, the kindergartners at her school were going to sing God Bless America at their graduation ceremony at the end of the year. When Hawkins found out, she forbade the kids from signing the patriotic song. The reason she gave the teachers is that it might offend other cultures. The Coney Island school has a number of students from other Read more […]

Thought Police Punish High-Schoolers For Their Patriotism

From National Review: “Four California high-school students were reportedly suspended for chanting ‘U.S.A! U.S.A!’ and wearing American flag bandanas during a basketball game. While their punishment has since been rescinded, school administrators said ‘the incident is far from over.'” The school’s principal, Glenn Lipman, says she wasn’t sure if the students were being racist in supporting their country because, she notes, the school has a high population of Hispanics. “…I told the kids I just Read more […]

Obama’s “Economic Patriotism” is a nice word for Fascism; it is the real “trickle down” economics

After watching Obama bow to other foreign leaders, one might think that Obama has no interest in patriotism. But he seems to suddenly have a need for it. Obama is now campaigning on helping the middle class via “a new economic patriotism.” Never have the words of Samuel Johnson found such undeniable confirmation: “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” What is economic patriotism? It is as good a term as any for fascism. Fascism, remember, is the combination of corporate Read more […]