Feminism: “Menstrual Cramps Are Caused by Men”

Women’s period cramps are men’s fault, according to feminism. Someone with the handle “sexselector” wrote a tirade on her Tumblr page against the omniscient and omnipotent “patriarchy.” The piece’s run-on-sentence title is “I’m on My Period Let’s Talk About Why It Hurts.” “Why do we take it for granted that women’s bodily processes just normally hurt?” she begins. “[E]veryone just says ‘oh pain during periods and birth are normal (and fibromyalgia isn’t real!) therefore that’s just Read more […]

“Rape Culture”: Imaginary Enemy

Feminists have invented something they like to call “rape culture.” They claim that rape culture was invented by “the patriarchy,” which, comically, is yet another invention of theirs. It’s all very meta. It’s like an imaginary friend who gives you imaginary presents, and then you go around “showing” people all those presents. Technically, neither the friend nor the presents exist, so, technically, you’re insane. Except your imaginary friend is actually an enemy and those imaginary presents Read more […]

Christian “Patriarchy” Is Not The Source Of “Rape Culture”

I was reading this horrific story about the rapes and the subsequent bullying justifications when I ran across a quotation that completely creeped me out: “‘Victims have always been blamed. People who have experienced sexual violence know this isn’t a new phenomenon,’ says Anna Doroghazi, director of public policy and communication at Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services. Social media is just a window into the victim experience, she says. ‘We’re suddenly all privy to it,’ Doroghazi Read more […]