Will the State of the Union Address be Cancelled Next Year?

The fight between Congress and the President is heating up. Ranging from mild political correctives to insults of almost no political import, Republicans in Congress are cooking up a battle plan for fighting Obama: Late Tuesday, Rep. Paul C. Broun (R-Ga.) called for Boehner to not invite Obama to deliver the State of the Union address next year. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) suggested that the budgets for White House operations, including for Air Force One, should be decreased. Other conservatives Read more […]

Why Your Vote Counts … And Doesn’t Matter

If you tuned in to the election results coverage after the midterm elections, you probably heard this quite often: “See how close these races were? Anyone who says your vote doesn’t count really needs to look at this election. Your vote counts. There’s no doubt about that now.” It’s true. If you wanted Republicans in office rather than Democrats, or vice versa, your vote certainly did make a difference. Yet, according to data cited by Obama and other sore losers, two-thirds of potential Read more […]

Gallup Poll: Voter Opposition to Obama at an All-Time High

A recent Gallup poll indicates that voters are unhappier with Obama than they’ve been with his last two predecessors: Registered voters are more likely to view their choice of candidate in this year’s midterm elections as a message of opposition (32%) rather than support (20%) for President Barack Obama. That 12-percentage-point margin is similar to what Gallup measured for Obama in 2010 and George W. Bush in 2006, years in which their parties performed poorly in the midterm elections. What’s Read more […]

You Can’t Trust Anyone in a Partisan World

In a world where partisan politics is the norm, there is one casualty that’s often overlooked: the casualty of credibility. We tend to believe the interpretation of the facts from those partisan “experts” who agree with our values. This means that our views on the facts are not actually reasonable most of the time. The facts do not shape our worldviews. Rather, our partisan precommitments to worldviews shape the facts. It was refreshing to see this outlined in a recent article in The Atlantic: In Read more […]