We Have to Talk About Gendered Restroom Signs

Frankly, I’m shocked it hasn’t been brought up yet. With all the progress we’ve made over the last serval years to combat stereotypes among numerous communities, we’ve failed to address an issue that’s right in front of our eyes: Gendered restroom signs. Sure, we’ve fought for gender-neutral restrooms, we’ve made progress regarding inclusivity, but when it comes to the actual signage, we’ve allowed a gender stereotype to live on in our age of progress. Think about it. Regardless of your preferred Read more […]

Feds’ Feelings Hurt by “Homeland Stupidity” Mugs

When they’re not out there fighting for our freedoms, protecting us from the terrorists, and logging fraudulent overtime hours, they’re out defending their official seals from those who seek to disparage them. No, no, not those kinds of seals. I mean, I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if they had some official pet seal, like the White House dog. But I’m talking about the official-looking, circular emblems; the insignia with the image of the eagle in the center and the name of the agency wrapped Read more […]