Parents Stand Up For Christian Plaques at Texas Schools

Should the will of the few outweigh the will of the many? That’s a question that’s been asked in our courts for years and lately liberal judges have been saying yes, the demands of the few will outweigh the rights of the many. In Midlothian, Texas, the many are standing up for their rights and making their voices heard and I think it’s great. Christianity is strong in Midlothian and when two elementary schools were opened, they each had a plaque mounted to the wall to dedicate the school’s Read more […]

The Rise Of Liberal Parents Raising Undisciplined Brats

The Baby Boomers were at one point the worst specimens of human beings. This was entirely the fault of their parents. Their fathers fought in World War II, came back home, and bedded their wives seemingly all on the same night. The offspring that “boomed” as a result were spoiled beyond belief because their parents, who grew up in the Great Depression, wanted to give their kids a life that they were unable to have. Those kids reached their 20s and proceeded to wreak havoc on society, demanding Read more […]

Texas Schools To Parents: No More Walking Your Kids To Classrooms

They might as well remind parents that their kids don’t belong to them; they belong to the “community.” When I was a little kid, some of my brothers and I went to a small Christian school, and my dad would drop us off on his way to work. He’d leave us at the curb, and a schoolteacher would make sure we got in safely. That’s what most parents did. But for some others, especially the parents of little kids, they’d park and walk them in themselves and make sure they got settled in their Read more […]

Parents Fear Their Children’s Economic Prospects; They Should!

Reason Magazine participated in sponsoring a poll that asked Americans, “In thinking about your own children or the next generation of Americans, which of the following concerns you most?” Then they listed the options, “Weak Economy/Lack of Jobs,” “Government Debt and Deficits,” “Gun Violence,” “Terrorism and War,” Environmental Problems,” “Other,” “Don’t Know.” One piece of bad news in the poll is that eleven percent of Democrats are still convinced that Carbon Read more […]

Parents and Students Ignore Atheist Threats and Pray at High School Football Game

Freedom from Religion Foundation has made it their business to threaten and bully every public school and local government it can to prevent them from exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion.  At the smallest hint of anything Christian, the atheist group immediately starts hurling their threats of lawsuits in the attempt to bully their target into submission. When you look at the tactics of the FFRF, they are nothing more than an atheistic extortion racket.  Read more […]