Boy Facing Expulsion For Turning In Hunting Knife At School Football Game

I remember being at the airport about 10 years ago and forgetting that I had a pocketknife on me. I always had it on me, and I remembered that I had it as I was going through security. Instead of waiting for the security personnel to find it, I decided I would tell them as soon as I could, so that they wouldn’t think I was trying to sneak it in. I pulled it out of my jacket where I always kept it and gave it to one of the guards. He gasped as if I were holding an explosive device. With eyes wide Read more […]

Umbrella As Assault Weapon: Another Victory For Paranoia

The worst thing about this kind of story, other than that it is increasingly common, is that the authorities always brag that it is a mark of success. I take them at their word. They want a chance to fly their helicopters and spend the day tracking down a “gunman” armed with an umbrella. The teen who reported the sighting of the gunman feels conflicted about the report she made to police. But not to worry: “Police say they would rather respond to a false report than not be there for the Read more […]

Without Faith We Are Exiled To Coward Nation

Last Saturday at a flea market in Portsmouth, VA, the police found some man who had some outstanding warrants. When they approached, he managed to barricade himself in a bathroom. Nothing in the story mentions a weapon or suspicion that he might have a weapon of any kind. Nevertheless, the nearby Portsmouth campus of Tidewater Community College “was put on lockdown as a precaution and the ramp from I-264 to Victory Blvd was closed to traffic.” Friday morning, at L. C. Mohr High School, in Read more […]

Next Would-Be “Adam Lanza” Neutralized—With Her Bubble Gun

There are horrible tragedies that take place where people’s lives are changed forever with unforeseen violence. But those horrible tragedies are not made any less horrible when school authorities act like bullying morons on the pretense that they are “doing something” to prevent violence. A case in point: “A 5-year-old kindergartner who told classmates she was going to shoot them, and then herself, with her pink bubble gun, was grilled for three hours by Mount Carmel school officials without Read more […]

Merry Christmas: ID Now Required To Buy Chocolate Pudding?

It’s that time of year again. Snow is falling softly on the rooves of warm houses; cookies are being baked for Santa’s arrival; families are gathering to celebrate, then arguing over a juicy turkey or ham; and people are on their best behavior. Well, that last one isn’t always true. We live in a world of frivolous lawsuits and incessant complaining. But lest you think that the good ‘ole US of A has it the roughest, take a listen to this: According to the Daily Mail, a grocery store in England Read more […]