My Earth Day Eco-Sins: A Confession

Earth Day came and went and I forgot the most important part of this sacred holiday: confession of my eco-sins from this past week: I washed my hands three days ago–with soap. I also turned the tap on full pressure instead of  just letting the water trickle over my hands. For wasting your lifeblood, Mother Earth forgive me. I overlooked some litter on the side of the road as I drove by. Mother Earth forgive me. I drove. Mother Earth forgive me. I exhaled several hundred-thousand times Read more […]

NYC Republican Charged With Bribery Is Also A LARPing Pagan

The only good news in the following story is that, as reported yesterday, New York City voters were already cynical about local politics. They should be. Post-Christian America keeps getting weirder and weirder—or rather, more and more lame. Dan Halloran was a Republican city councilman in Queens who was arrested on Federal bribery charges last week. He apparently tried to use public funds under his control in order to get to other Republicans to get a Democrat on the Republican Mayoral ballot. Read more […]