Property Rights Case Before Supreme Court Tomorrow

Imagine yourself as the owner of a number of acres of land.  You decide that you want to develop 4 acres for commercial purposes.  Being the law abiding citizen you are, you apply to the county for the proper permits to allow you to develop your land. Then to your surprise, the counties water management district tells you that in order to obtain the permit, you must donate 11 acres of land for conservation purposes plus you must pay $150,000 that will be used for improvements on the water district’s Read more […]

Federal Government Won’t Allow Dairy Farmer To Sell Milk Cheaper

Have you ever wondered why you’re paying $3-$4 for a gallon of milk?  What if I told you that the federal government had passed a law establishing the minimum price dairy farmers can sell their milk to wholesalers?  It’s true. In 2006 Congress passed a law that that establishes fixed minimum prices for the sale of raw milk from dairies.  Dairy farmers Hein and Hettinga of Arizona believe the law was pushed through Congress by those trying to force them to sell their milk at the same prices Read more […]

Feds Use Dusky Gopher Frog to Steal Over 1,500 Acres of Land

One of the goals of a socialistic government is to claim ownership of all land within the country and then dictate to all of the people what land they will be allowed to live on and how to use that land.  Our federal government is well on its way to making that happen and are using any means possible, including bogus and illegal confiscations. In the latest case, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared 1,544 acres of land in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana to be critical habitat for the dusky Read more […]