Obamacare Money being Used to Fund Union Recruitment!

Of course. Why wouldn’t our corrupt liberal federal government be shelling out our hard earned tax dollars to help recruit more people into the liberal supporting unions? It makes perfect sense. Today’s unions are a perfect example of what happens in a crony driven environment – the government pays to keep the crony happy and the crony works hard to keep their masters in charge. It’s disgusting.   According to a letter made public Saturday, federal investigators are looking into Read more […]

Denver Named One of Most Gay Friendly Cities

By Greg Campbell  Denver is one of the friendliest cities in which to be gay, even more so than New York City and Los Angeles, according to a new survey released by a finance website called NerdWallet. The survey was released to coincide with June’s designation as LGBT Pride Month and measured such things as the number of same-sex households and the number of crimes against gay people per 100,000 residents. Seattle, San Francisco and Atlanta took the top three spots; Denver Read more […]